Training and Support

I am closed to training and support requests, but I am looking for a great team to join either remotely or physically. Contact me.
Outline map of Latin America.

I have a solid experience training people and supporting software systems. In both activities, I have learnt that a strong understanding of language and culture of clients is crucial to be successful.

Hire me

Consider hiring me if you need to train and support your clients in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I speak all languages of the region and understand the unique culture of its people. My technical knowledge, evidenced on this site, allows me to face practically any job and get it done the right way.

I can help you to

  • Train your clients on how to use your software
  • Develop training materials and user guides for your software
  • Deploy your software
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot your software
  • Edit and technically review your documents
  • Translate your documents

Supported languages: Spanish, English.

Why hire me?

  • You get a professional service for a very competitive price
  • I am geographically close to your clients

I am ready to take an exam or begin a certification process, if required. For any inquiry, please contact me. You can also see my profile on Freelancer and my portfolio.