Introduction to Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB

I will teach this course during the VII International Winter School of the University of Informatics Sciences, to be held on February 19–23, 2018.


The course covers introductory topics on MATLAB programming and digital image processing.

It is intended for professionals looking for a basic introduction to digital image processing and MATLAB, to then scale smoothly to higher levels.

Day 1

Theme: Introduction to MATLAB programming.

Day 2

Theme: Image enhancement using MATLAB.

Day 3

Theme: Image segmentation using MATLAB.

Day 4

Theme: Applications.

Day 5

Theme: Evaluation and closure.

The forms of evaluation will be explained during the first day.


Go to this page to obtain detailed information on how to register your participation in this course, or in any of the other 26 courses offered as a part of the Winter School. You can also contact the organizers at

The registration closes on January 5, 2018.


The course will be taught in Spanish or English, depending on the language of the participants. The materials will be in English.


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