Senior Computer Vision Engineer at Essess

A position for a senior computer vision engineer is available at Essess, based in Boston, USA.

Job description

The engineer will build systems capable of identifying buildings and building components from large datasets of 2D/3D images utilizing segmentation and machine learning techniques.


  • Design and implement computer vision systems to characterize and classify building energy issues using thermal, night-vision and LIDAR data
  • Characterize algorithm performance with real-world data
  • Support production deployment of computer vision algorithms

Required qualifications

  • MSc or PhD in computer science, electrical engineering or a related field
  • 5+ years of experience developing computer vision solutions
  • 3+ years programming experience in Python or C++
  • Strong ability working in 2D/3D problem spaces
  • Experience with Linux, scripting and version control

Additional desired skills

  • Experience with OpenCV, PIL, PCL, NumPy or similar libraries
  • Experience with computer vision for robotics applications
  • Experience with LIDAR/3D data algorithm development
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services and Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Database programming experience
  • GIS or mapping experience

How to apply

Prepare the following information and send it via email:

  • Resume
  • Link to code repository or portfolio of own work (optional)

About the employer

Essess develops innovative computer vision techniques for identifying and assessing energy waste in homes and buildings.


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