Computer Vision Engineer at EyeEm

A position for a computer vision engineer is available at EyeEm, based in Berlin, Germany.


EyeEm has developed a photo-sharing service where photographers of all abilities share, interact and learn more about taking pictures. The service uses a technology to scan images and automatically tag them with specific keywords, making easier to process, search and discover photography.

Job description

The successful candidate will design and develop large-scale computer vision algorithms to be incorporated into the photo-sharing service.

Required qualifications

  • PhD or equivalent industry/corporate research experience
  • Strong understanding of machine learning, specially deep learning
  • Strong experience in popular deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, TensorFlow, Torch and Theano

How to apply

Go to this page and apply online.

About the employer

EyeEm manages a photography platform to discover and showcase new talent.


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