Computer Vision Engineer at Density

A position for a computer vision engineer is available at Density, based in San Francisco, USA.


The position is in the field of people counting.

Job description

The successful candidate will develop software to count people from large amounts of data in a realtime fashion.

Required qualifications

  • Background in computer vision in both industry and academia
  • Strong skills designing image processing algorithms
  • Programming experience using C and Python
  • Experience optimizing vision algorithms for embedded devices
  • Experience with OpenGL, OpenCL and WebGL
  • Experience with 3D modeling and depth-based sensors
  • Strong understanding of embedded Linux

How to apply

Prepare the following information and contact Ben Redfield:

  • Resume
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Why do you want to work at Density?

About the employer

Density provides a core technology for people counting in a wide range of scenarios.


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