PhD in Augmented Reality at MINES ParisTech

A PhD position in augmented reality is available at MINES ParisTech, based in Paris, France.


The PhD subject is a part of an ongoing project between Mines ParisTech and PSA Peugeot Citro├źn Group, focused on car security. The context is the use of onboard visual information to inform the driver and increase security.

The visual information is acquired from a fixed point of view on the moving car.

Job description

The successful candidate will perform a realistic but partial 3D reconstruction of the car environment, given the inherent constraints of the automotive field such as vehicle speed and road visibility.

The proposed solution must take into account critical situations, like high speeds, to avoid the occurrence of negative effects on the visual information presented to the driver.

Required qualifications

  • MSc in electrical engineering, computer science or physics
  • Experience in computer vision
  • Knowledge of virtual or augmented reality
  • Solid skills in realtime computer programming

How to apply

Contact Bogdan Stanciulescu for details about the application process.

About the employer

MINES ParisTech was founded in 1783. It is one of the oldest and most recognized French higher education institutions in engineering.


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