Postdoc in 3D Reconstruction of Deformable Objects from Monocular Images at the University of Auvergne

A postdoctoral position in 3D reconstruction of deformable objects from monocular images is available at the University of Auvergne, France.

Job description

The key problem is to estimate the 3D shape of a deforming surface from its 2D projections.

Some challenges to face are modeling, integration of multiple visual cues in the reconstruction process, and the use of prior knowledge via object detection.

Required qualifications

  • PhD in computer vision
  • Excellent list of publications

The postdoc is for two years and will take place in the Advanced Laparoscopy and Computer Vision group.

How to apply

Prepare the following information and contact Prof Adrien Bartoli:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • One publication
  • Name of at least two referees

About the employer

The University of Auvergne was founded in 1519. It is one of the top French universities.


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