I say “Thank you” to the following people, organizations and projects. Without them, this website and I would not be what we are today.

One more time, thank you!


My teachers

Crowd of teachers.

I owe to my parents all what I am today, but immediately after, to my teachers at all education levels. I will not cite names, but to all my teachers, great teachers, sincerely: thank you!



Logo of the University of Informatics Sciences, Havana, Cuba.

The University of Informatics Sciences, known as UCI, is a young but top-ranked university in Cuba. UCI turned a humble boy into a highly-qualified professional, and I do not spent a cent. Similarly, I also thank to:

  • IPVCE “Silberto Álvarez Aroche”, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba
  • ESBU “Juan Castellá Lluch”, Campechuela, Granma, Cuba
  • Elementary school “Cipriano Pérez Rodríguez”, Campechuela, Granma, Cuba



Official WordPress logo.

WordPress is a powerful and easy-to-learn content management system. It is priceless, free and open source. Like me, millions of people have chosen WordPress to power their place on the web.


Official MathJax logo.

MathJax is a JavaScript platform for high-quality display of mathematics notation in all browsers. It transfers to the web the elegance of LaTeX and displays beautiful math.

Font Awesome

Official Font Awesome logo.

Font Awesome is an iconic font and CSS toolkit to display scalable vector icons on the web. It provides hundreds of icons that look awesome at any size on any device.