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This website aims to provide an online, open-access platform that serves as a meeting point for users, industry and academia working on digital image processing and related fields.

Key objectives

I have a strong commitment and passion with the following objectives:

  1. Provide relevant information to the audience, focusing on calls for papers, jobs, training programs, recent advances, open problems, tutorials, and market studies
  2. Help researchers to communicate with each other, businesses to connect with clients and partners, and users to find products and services that suit their needs

The team

Hello! My name is Rafael. Although this is my personal website, I consider mandatory to mention the people that help me to keep it alive.

Photo of Rafael Cardero-Álvarez.

Rafael Cardero-Álvarez, MSc

ProBlogger, Software Engineer, and Consultant

I live in Havana, Cuba. I have a strong passion to learn something new everyday and to help people to reach their potential.

Photo of Gaspar Cardero-Corría.

Gaspar Cardero-Corría, PhD

Professor and HVACR Expert

Gaspar is my uncle. He lives in Miami, USA. Gaspar is professor at a college, and an expert in the fields of HVACR and marketing. He is my gateway to the world outside Cuba. I will always say: “Gracias, Tío”.